Waterfall In Klamath Falls Oregon? Are There Any?

This really is the most common question posed by anyone not from Klamath Falls. Where are the water falls?

To properly answer this question without just saying “no” you have to jump back in time to the days when Klamath Falls was known as Linkville.

When I moved to K-Falls I quickly learned that Linkville was the name of this place because it was nestled up against the base of the link river, the little 1.1 mile river that connects Upper Klamath Lake to Lake Ewauna. Linkville was aptly named but as they started looking to become a bigger west coast stop in the late 1800s Linkvolle decided that changing it’s name to Klamath Falls was a better move.

The falls referenced were not grand but they were there to some extent at the time.

In the 1800’s the link river had a bit of a natural rapids and the largest of all the whitewater was a small bit of falls for those that were liberal in throwing around that term.

Eventually the city decided to change it’s name and then erect a water diversion channel alongside the link river and during construction they damaged the meager falls as they attempted to build a small tunnel.

Long story short the small falls that once existed is now even smaller than ever before and is at best just a level one whitewater stream with one pretty good “choppy” spot.

In all regards to what waterfalls really are there just aren’t any falls on the link river any more (if there ever used to be any in the first place) but the name of the town has stuck.

Within Klamath County there are a lot of falls however and in future posts we’ll be exploring them a bit more. You may find some links to them in the list below.