Klamath Tots

Klamath Tots - Local Events and Activities for Kids

There are lots of fun things to do all the time in Klamath for preschoolers. The trouble is figuring out what is happening at any given time.

Luckily we’ve got you covered and have made it easy to find things to keep you and your little guys happy and busy.

See our January calendar of events right here.

Other Activities For You and Your Kids

Meet Santa Claus & Get a Picture – There are lots of times and places you can get your kids over to see Santa and get a picture. Surely there will be a time and place on this list that will work for your schedule.

Live Theater for Kids! – Both Linkville Playhouse and Ross Ragland host a handful of truely kid friendly shows throughout the year. Here are the upcoming events that most kids would enjoy from these two stages.

Kid Friendly New Years Eve Events – There are obviously tons of options for grown ups and those without kids to do on New Years Eve. Go just about anywhere and you can have a great time well intot he night. For the rugrats though it gets a bit trickier.