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There are lots of businesses in Klamath Falls ranging from governmental work, to hospitality, retail, construction, and manufacturing just to name a few major industries.

We all know where the main options in town are for buying groceries and getting gas but there are a ton of other local business both big and small that sometimes fly under the radar.

This site isn’t attempting to be a local business directory but we do want to help locals find small business that are important to them… some of these businesses would never be found otherwise.

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Now, lets get in touch with some local Klamath Falls resources that you can easily tap into.

Klamath Falls Business Featured on The Scout

Klamath Falls Painters & Painting Companies – There are a lot of different painting companies in Klamath Falls. Some of them are more suited to interiors whereas others are your best options for exteriors. Whether you are looking to hire for a small local painting job or a large job one of these companies will surely be right for you.

Klamath Falls Construction Contractors – As you no doubt already know there are tons of contractors in the area and you would rarely if ever choose any one of them for every job you need done. If you are planning an addition, a new home build, a repair, or a home renovation there are lots of contractors in the Klamath Basin that are well qualified and would be happy to take on the extra work.

Klamath Falls Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners – All of your carpet and upholstery cleaners serving the area are included on this list. These companies can all help you keep your living room furniture, office rugs, or your home carpeting clean all at affordable pricing. Check our list and reviews for more info on each company.