Bed & Breakfast Options Near Crater Lake

When my wife and I were planning our very first trip to the Klamath Falls area. We needed a place to stay. We were coming for a job interview but wanted to extend the stay for a few nights and make a vacation out of the trip. We thought it would be great to stay at a local Bed & Breakfast.

That was a few years ago. We now own a home in the Altamont area and when family visit we always open our doors to them or direct them to some of the better places to stay in Klamath.

For our friends that come through for vacation it’s nearly impossible to come through Klamath County without seeing Crater Lake. It’s one of the most heavily visited National Parks in America and easily topped the list of the most important sights to see in all of the state of Oregon.

If you are like us and want to stay in a nice B&B instead of camping out in a cabinet, tent, or average motel 50 miles away then make sure to give the following places a call. We’ve provided a short summary of each location next to each listing.

Crater Lake B And B –
Crater Lake B and B is located in Fort Klamath on the northern side of Upper Klamath Lake. It’s about 20 minutes awy from the park entrance and about as close as you can get without going into Crater Lake National Park grounds.

Devon Ridge B&B –
This B&B is located in the heart of Klamath Falls, OR. It is one of the closer places you can go within striking distance of Crater Lake and it’s also located to the south making it super easy to drive down to the Lava Beds National Monument just on the California side of the border.

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